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Trina Johnson


Meandering. Block set ins. Allover designs. Stitch in a ditch. Long-arm quilting. If these words sound familiar, perhaps a visit to the Hitching Post Quilts would be in order. Located at The Mecca Plaza, Hitching Post by Trina Johnson is a store chocked-full of quilts of all sorts, shapes, colors and styles, made mostly by Trina. After spending 18 years as a seamstress in Anchorage, Alaska, Trina relocated to California to be near her sister. Johnson’s sister eventually moved to the Phoenix area, and Johnson followed. From there she made her way to Wickenburg and has been helping shop owners in the Mecca Plaza for a little over a year. Recently she opened her own store there with her created pieces for sale.

On display is a special motorcycle quilt Trina custom-made out of her  husband's old t-shirts. She also provides finishing services, where quilters create the top (pieced together and sewn), give it to Trina and she does the finish quilting, using a Longarm machine, typically in the meandering style, but each quilt is custom made so other styles are available.

Her love of sewing came about in her teen years while as a dancer Trina would make her own clothes and eventually began providing alterations for friends and local business owners. Over the years she became more interested in the art of quilting and began looking for an opportunity to use that art as a source of income. Trina learned of the long-arm machine and decided to go with that one.

“I’ve just always loved fabric. In one or two days I would have created for myself a new outfit. Eventually I became interested in quilting, and that’s been my favorite for some years now,” Trina says.

Another interesting piece in Hitching Post Quilts is the famous microwave bowl holder, famous because they are best-sellers in the  store. The holder is a thick, quilted material that cooks use to easily lift a bowl in and out of the microwave, decreasing the chance for burns from hot food.

“I’m happy to be here at the Mecca, doing what I love and watching the quilts leave my store to find a nice place at someone else’s home,” Trina says.

Trina's store is located in Wickenburg at the Mecca Plaza at 162 E. Wickenburg Way. The store hours are 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday



Trina's husband, Roger fills in wherever help is needed, whether it is printing promotional material, setting up displays, running errands, watching the shop or transporting inventory.

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